Chevron places a high priority on safety, health and the environment, and values the communities where we operate. In addition to planning for the future of the former Texaco Research Center property, we are currently conducting environmental work to prepare the property for redevelopment.

Working at the direction of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), we have been evaluating the environmental condition of the former Texaco Research Center property over a number of years. The collective results of soil and groundwater tests by an independent laboratory have helped us to determine the nature and extent of environmental impacts at the property and will help us select the appropriate cleanup methods. Additional oversight of the work is provided by the New York State Department of Health.

What has been determined is that the impacts at the property stem from compounds that may have been generated during the research center’s operations. Test results have indicated that the impacts are contained beneath the ground and there should be no surface exposure to humans or wildlife. Testing has confirmed that there are no migrations of these impacts offsite the property.

Chevron prepared a report for NYSDEC containing the results of the tests we have performed on the property. We are now preparing a proposed action plan for cleanup, which will also be subject to review and approval by NYSDEC. After approval is granted, a Record of Decision will be issued, which will finalize the  method for cleanup. We will then put together detailed design and construction plans to achieve the cleanup  solution and complete the work. During this process, all plans will be subject to regulatory agency reviews and stakeholder input will also be taken into account. We anticipate this phase of work to take several years.

Our Present - Glenham Mills - Environmental Cleanup Work